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The DHLab was founded in 2016 (Government Gazette: 532/2-3-2016).


(Government Gazette: 4-10-2019, Issue no.814)

Τatiani Rapatzikou

Associate Professor
School of English
Faculty of Philosophy, AUTh

Office +30-2310-997414

Mission Statement-Objectives-Activities

The DHLab “Psifis” aims at:

  1. Covering the undergraduate and postgraduate course and research needs of the collaborating Schools in various Faculties at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) on subjects that correspond to the research objectives of the Lab;
  2. Promoting research and its applicability to areas of interest;
  3. Collaborating with other labs, research centers, and academic institutions in Greece or abroad with similar objectives, aims and activities;
  4. Organizing seminars, symposia, conferences and other research events; inviting research scholars from Greece and abroad while promoting publication projects in the field of digital humanities;
  5. Providing services to the private sector and other institutions on the basis of the following Presidential Decree: 159/1984 (Issue Α, no. 53): “Requirement of university labs to provide services to individuals and any legal institution”;
  6. Collecting, processing, storing, and disseminating research data;
  7. Journal publishing.

 DHLab Research and Teaching Objectives

The field of Digital Humanities constitutes the meeting point of various disciplines and methodologies of research with emphasis on collaborative initiatives for the creation of an open, accessible and interdisciplinary community as regards the Humanties, Social Sciences and the Arts.

The main objective of the DHLab is to approach the research of the various collaborating Schools through a digital lens or through the use of digital tools and methodologies of research with attention paid to interdisciplinary collaborations within the context of the rapidly developing field of Digital Humanities.

In particular, the DHLab objectives relate to:

  • Digital editing, publication and commentary on multimodal texts;
  • Digital processing of data (from literature, history, art, archaeology) with the use of linkeddata with the aim of improving the open access and exchange of information;
  • Natural language processing, digitally-supported research, computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, software studies and software applications to the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts as well as to all related areas as regards digital culture as part of contemporary Social Sciences and the Humanities;
  • Development and use of the GIS web tools as well as application of 2D and 3D spatial tools in the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

The ultimate goal of the DHLab is to promote research and introduce new areas of expertise that will place Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) at the centre of cutting-edge practices within Digital Humanities. In order to achieve this goal, the DHLab aims at collaborating closely with all the Schools of the Faculty of Philosophy AUTh in addition to the Schools of Social Sciences and the Arts.

In addition to the above, the DHLab aims at combining educational and research practices with the aim of developing educational tools and applications that will contribute to the training of a new generation of researchers to the methodologies used in the international terrain of Digital Humanities. Please find below indicative examples of undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by different Schools:

  • “Literature, Translation, and New Technologies” (joint course of the School of Philology and the School of French Language and Literature, ΝEF264-ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ 26);
  • “Print and Digital Editions” (Postgraduate Program, ΝΕF613, School of Philology);
  • “Literary Translation and New Technologies” (Postgraduate Program, YM-05, School of French Language and Literature);
  • “Corpus Linguistics” (Postgraduate Program, GLO830), “Introduction to Computational Linguistics” (GLO397), “Textlinguistics” (GLO379, School of Philology);
  • “Learning and Teaching with Technology” (EDU 511), “Teaching/Learning through Web Design, Media Production and Mobile Learning” (EDU 512), “Virtual Environments and Online Learning” (EDU 516) (Postgraduate Program, School of English).


DHLab Members

Αrampatzidou, Lena

Assistant Professor, Modern Greek Philology;

School of Philology,


Αrvanitis, Panagiotis

Professor, Multimedia Databases, Information and Communication Technologies and New ICT Learning Environments;

School of French Literature and Culture,


Dimitroulia, Τitika

Professor, Theory and Translation Practice;

School of French Literature and Culture,


Ζografidis, George

Associate Professor, Philosophy;

School of Philosophy and Education,


Ζografidou, Ζosi

Professor, Translation History;

School of Italian Literature and Culture,


Kourouni, Kyriaki

Senior Fellow, Scientific and Technical Translation, Translation Technology and Translation Studies;

School of English,


Koutsogiannis, Dimitris

Professor, Educational Linguistics;

School of Philology,


Bikos, Konstantinos

Professor, School Education and New Technologies;

School of Philosophy and Education,


Panagiotidis, Panagiotis

Professor, ICT in Language teaching/ learning;

School of French Language and Literature,


 Papadopoulou, Despina

Associate Professor, Linguistics;

School of Philology,


Stavrakakis, Yannis

Professor, Political Science;

School of Political Sciences,



Schoina, Μaria

Associate Professor, English Literature and Culture;

School of English,


Tantos, Alexandros

Assistant Professor, Linguistics;

School of Philology,


Tiktopoulou, Ekaterini

Associate Professor; Modern Greek Philology;

School of Philology,


Fyntikoglou, Vassilis

Associate Professor, Teaching of Classics;

School of Philology,


Hodolidou, Eleni

Associate Professor, Literacy Studies and Literature Education;

School of Philosophy and Education,




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Lab Postal Address:

DHLab “Psifis”

Faculty of Philosophy (New Building)

School of English

c/o Tatiani Rapatzikou (office 308ΣΤ)
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki 54 124, Greece.